White Sands + Seaspray Bundle

This is a listing for a 3 piece set of the same fragrance listed above (one body butter, one sugar scrub, and one body cleanser). If you would like to mix and match, please go to the 3PC Gift Set listing to customize. The pink box and shred fill is included in this listing to make your gifting easy!


Fiorella Scent: Seaside

A fragrance that captures the essence of coastal bliss, blending the invigorating freshness of saltwater and citrus with the tranquility of blooming flowers and aquatic greens. Let the scent transport you to a paradise where white sands meet the azure seas, creating an oasis of serenity and joy.

Scent Notes:

Top: Saltwater Mist, Sundrenched Citrus

Middle: Aquatic Blossoms, Watery Greens

Bottom: Coastal Driftwood, Solar Musk

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