ingredients + formulations

a note on fragrance

Solette works with one of the top fragrance houses in the United States to bring you unique and signature scents made with safe ingredients.

 Why is “fragrance” such a hot topic these days? The FDA requires personal care products to disclose the ingredients in a product label. But because fragrance blends are proprietary, the FDA allows brands to use “fragrance” as an umbrella for the actual blend. This law was created to protect brands from competition duplicating their formulas yet some brands have found a loop hole in the law. There is speculation that brands hide more dangerous materials under the fragrance umbrella and consumers are concerned.

We are not publishing our signature fragrance blends on our website for protection from competition but if you would like detailed information you can email our team and we will be happy to disclose more information to you.

“Perfume is like a new dress, it makes you quite simply marvelous"
-Estee Lauder

Vegan means that none of our products contain any animal or animal derived materials. We believe in making products that don’t harm our planet or the innocent animals that inhabit it so we will always be 100% vegan. Ingredients to avoid are: beeswax (from bees), lanolin (from sheep), carmine (ground up beetles used for coloring cosmetics), squalene (shark liver oil), collagen (animal bones).

Solette is a brand that celebrates the earth and that includes our animal friends. We take great measures to ensure that none of our raw materials, manufacturers, or finished products are tested on animals. We will never allow testing on animals and refuse to sell in countries (like China) that require animal testing to sell in their country.

Clean Beauty is not a regulated term. Each brand typically lists the ingredients they choose to avoid and it can contain both natural and synthetic materials. We think this causes a ton of confusion and greenwashing and we don’t want to do that to you. Solette will always be transparent, therefore, you can read about our ingredients in detail here.